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    Taxation Without Representation Defines Internet Sales Tax Bill: The birth of our nation originated from the idea that citizens should not be taxed by governments in which they have no political voice. "No taxation without representation" was the battle cry of colonists in 1773 when in Boston, whopping war chants, they marched two-by-two to the Boston wharf where they descended...

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    Princeton Professor, William Happer, speaks at Argonne about Global Warming: Professor Happer (left) and Steve Goreham, author of: "The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism"Professor William Happer, a distinguished professor of physics at Princeton University and a Global Warming Skeptic, was invited...


Staying healthy is not easy. Making changes to your lifestyle may be necessary, but in the end, you can do whatever you set your mind to.


Working out 3 times per week can change your life and make you happier and more productive. Trying out new things like yoga, pilates, and TRX classes can make working out fun again. Go to the Prospect heights gym website to find out how these activities can help improve your life.

Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements can help you stay healthy in a variety of ways. The best Probiotic supplement is one with over 5 billion active flora. See all of the best-selling probiotics and buy probiotics at a trusted online retailer..Many people ask, "do probiotics really work?" -- the resounding answer is: YES!


Health Tips for Women: Getting Lean

Acquiring a lean body requires you to make adjustments in your lifestyle to ensure that you have a consistent workout program, coupled with a healthy eating regimen. Below are a few general tips that you can follow to achieve this.

Calorie intake

A general guide to calorie intake is to consume 10-12 times of your body weight. Women have been taught for a long time that starving themselves will help them lose weight. What this does is to make them smaller but not lean. By taking enough calories for your body weight and incorporating exercise into your routine, you can achieve leanness; not the bodybuilding type but enough to give you definition in your abs, arms and thighs.

Cut down on carbs

The key word here is to cut down. Start by reducing your intake of sugar, including cakes, candy, pies and so on, since these are mostly empty carbs. Focus on eating some healthy starch in reasonable proportions added to a foundation of lean proteins, good fats and plenty of greens.

Don’t fear resistance training

Most ladies fear resistance training due to the misconception that it will make them bulky. This is not true. If you find yourself getting bulky, most probably you are eating more than you should. If you are doing resistance training and eating right, you should get smaller, not bulkier. Resistance training has benefits such as boosted metabolism, weight management and improved muscle tone and strength.

Do a little cardio everyday

Cardio exercises for about 30 minutes every day is beneficial. Overdoing it is counterproductive because it overworks your body, making it catabolic; eating muscle for fuel. As a result, you will have less muscle, meaning that your metabolism goes down. Therefore, the best way to reap the full benefits of cardio exercises is to avoid overdoing them.


Fitness is life. Life is great.

"Fitness is a way of life and any new way of life starts with one step."

Alex Lang, Fitness Instructor

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